Robert Connors (MSCHE 1980)

Robert W. Connors

MSCHE 1980

Current Employer:


Career Discussion:

I am a 1980 Masters Degree graduate who studied under Dr. Donald B. Wilson. My research was on Hydrotreating of a Lurgi Coal Liquid. At the time I was a Captain in the U.S. Army and after graduation I went on to complete a 22 year career in the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel. My career did include a combat tour in the Gulf War. After the Army I worked for SAIC (Science Applications International Corp.) supporting the Army’s Chemical Demilitarization efforts. In that capacity at SAIC I was involved in the initial design of destruction facilities for Aberdeen Proving Grounds (APG) and Newport Chemical Depot (NCAD). APG had ton containers of Mustard Agent and Newport had ton containers of Nerve agent. In both cases chemical neutralization was used as the first step to destroy the agent. I was also involved in the Army’s Non-Stockpile program which destroyed recovered munitions using explosive accessing of the munition and chemical neutralization. Actually the Non-Stockpile program involved a number of technologies for identification of chemical agent and its monitoring and treatment. I spent 13 years with SAIC and retired as a VP and Division manager.

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