Course Assessment Records

Directions for completing Course Assessment Records (CARs):

  1. Identify the Course Assessment Records (CARs) assignments for which you are responsible to complete in each academic year.
  2. You can use the search box on the top right of each assignment table to sort by your name.
  3. An “X” in a table entry indicates the assessment is incomplete; whereas a “C” in the table indicates the task has been completed and confirmed by the department head.
  4. Use the CARs Input Form below to enter assessment data for each item assigned.
  5. When developing an assessment for an assigned CAR, strive to communicate an assessment that leads to a yes/no answer to the question, “Has the outcome been demonstrated in this student?”  In this manner, it is clear how many students and what fraction of the whole were successful in demonstrating the outcome.
  6. You may save an incomplete CARs input record for 30 days should you find you do not have sufficient information to complete it.  A confirmation email will be generated and sent to the email address you provide to save incomplete input.

Course Assessment Record Input Form