A. Leadership

Describe the leadership of the program and discuss its adequacy to ensure the quality and continuity of the program and how the leadership is involved in decisions that affect the program.

Administrative leadership in CHME is provided by a Department Head and an Associate Department Head.  The CHME leadership team reports to the Dean of the College of Engineering, who is supported by Associate Deans of Academics, Research, and Outreach; a Safety Specialist; a Business Manager; and a number of Program Managers or Specialists.

CHME Administrative personnel handle all aspects of catalog editing, course scheduling, website development, documentation, procurement of program resources, the bulk of course selection advising, assessment data collection, and similar tasks.

B. Program Budget and Financial Support

  1. Describe the process used to establish the program’s budget and provide evidence of continuity of institutional support for the program. Include the sources of financial support including both permanent (recurring) and temporary (one-time) funds.
  2. Describe how teaching is supported by the institution in terms of graders, teaching assistants, teaching workshops, etc.
  3. To the extent not described above, describe how resources are provided to acquire, maintain, and upgrade the infrastructures, facilities, and equipment used in the program.
  4. Assess the adequacy of the resources described in this section with respect to the students in the program being able to attain the student outcomes.

C. Staffing

Describe the adequacy of the staff (administrative, instructional, and technical) and institutional services provided to the program. Discuss methods used to retain and train staff.

CHME staffing includes an administrative assistant (who maintains records and performs accounting duties) and a laboratory manager (who maintains the equipment and facilities in the CHME laboratories, places chemical/materials orders, maintains chemical inventory, assures personnel compliance with safety training requirements, and provides accounting details of all lab purchases to the administrative assistant).  

D. Faculty Hiring and Retention

  1. Describe the process for hiring of new faculty.
  2. Describe strategies used to retain current qualified faculty.

E. Support of Faculty Professional Development

Describe the adequacy of support for faculty professional development, how such activities such as sabbaticals, travel, workshops, seminars, etc., are planned and supported.