Student Outcomes mapped across BSCHE core

outcomes map to courses full.csv hrtitleabcdefghijk
1012Intro to Chemical Engineering Calculations11111111
1022Material Balances111111
2014Energy Balances & Basic Thermodynamics1111
3013Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I1111
3022Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II111
302L1Thermodynamic Models of Physical Properties1111
3053åÊTransport Operations I: Fluid Flow11111
3064Transport Operations II: Heat and Mass Transfer111111
3073Transport Operations III: Staged Operations11111
323L1Transport Operations and Instrumentation Laboratory I111111
324L1Transport Operations and Instrumentation Laboratory II111111
352 L1Simulation of Unit Operations111
3613Engineering Materials11111
3923Numerical Methods in Engineering1111
4123Process Dynamics and Control11111
423L1Unit Operations Laboratory I111111
424L1Process Control Laboratory111111
4413Chemical Kinetics and Reactor Engineering111111111
4483Industrial Safety1111111111
4523Chemical Process Design & Economic Evaluation11111111
452 L1Chemical Process Simulation1111
4553Chemical Plant Design11111111111
455 L1Chemical Plant Simulation1111