Pre-requisite structure of the BSCHE

The diagram below provides a quick understanding of the structure of prerequisites in the 2017-18 BSCHE curricula.  Notice the critical paths.  These eight semester sequences of prerequisite courses makes the BSCHE degree challenging to achieve.  It also demonstrates the cumulative nature of the advanced courses in which students must assimilate a large amount of material to be successful.

Students intending to transfer to the main campus after taking fundamental courses in calculus, chemistry, physics, etc. will not progress in the degree path until they take CHME 102 (2nd semester of the freshman year).  CHME 101 may be substituted by an appropriate course transferred to NMSU.  If you’re considering a lengthy stay at a community college or local university before transferring to the main campus, you are strongly advised to contact the NMSU CHME Department to discuss the consequences.

Identifying course prerequisite requirements:

  1. Go to the NMSU catalogs site:
  2. Select “Undergraduate.”
  3. Select the “Course Descriptions.”
  4. Select the offering department.
  5. Scroll to the course number you seek.