Accelerated MSCHE Program

How long do you believe it takes to complete a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering?

Do you know how many credit hours are required?

With the accelerated MS program, the 32 credit hour MSCHE can be completed with just 20 credits after the BSCHE.  Six of those credits are research-based for working on your thesis, leaving only 14 credits of coursework: CHME 501, 506, 516, 542, and 594.  This course work can be completed in a single academic year.  A motivated student who uses the summer after their BSCHE to begin a research investigation can complete the MSCHE in 15 months!

If you think you may be interested, you are encouraged to complete the Accelerated MS application form.  Up to 12 credit hours of courses taken in your senior year may be applied to the MSCHE.  These include CHME 455, 455L, and your CHME elective courses (as well as courses numbered 450+ from other disciplines, as approved by the department head). Bring the completed form (and any questions you have about it) to the CHME Department Head.

Completing the form is not a commitment, it only permits the Graduate College and the Department of Chemical Engineering to plan ahead.  There are no fees or charges due upon submitting this form.  It must be completed in the junior year or senior fall semester to be accepted.