CHME 101. Introduction to Chemical Engineering Calculations

1. Course number and name

CHME 101. Introduction to Chemical Engineering Calculations

2. Credits and contact hours

2 credit hours = 30 contact hours per semester

3. Instructor’s or course coordinator’s name

Dr. David A. Rockstraw, Ph. D., P. E.

4. Text book, title, author, and year

a. other supplemental materials

5. Specific course information

a. catalog description: Introduction to the discipline of chemical engineering, including: an overview of the curriculum; career opportunities; units and conversions; process variables; basic data treatments; and computing techniques including computer programming and use of spreadsheets.

b. prerequisites: none co-requisites: MATH 190

c. required, elective, or selected elective (as per Table 5-1): Required

6. Specific goals for the course

a. The student will…

  • understand the diverse career opportunities available to one holding a BSCHE from NMSU;
  • be aware of the flow of content and prerequisite requirements across the BSCHE;
  • be capable of rapidly performing conversion of chemical engineering units both by hand and using computer software, specifically including (1) converting between mixture mass and mole fractions, and (2) explaining the difference and converting between absolute and relative pressure and temperature scales;
  • applying the concept of significant figures;
  • be able to perform a regression of data to a mathematical model;
  • numerically solve systems of linear algebraic equations by multiple methods;
  • be capable of validating calculated results;
  • be functional in the graphic user interface of Matlab, Mathcad, and Excel;
  • be capable of generating two-dimensional plots of data and functions in Matlab, Mathcad, and Excel;
  • implement logical IF statements writing Matlab code and using builtin functions of an Excel spreadsheet;
  • implement flow-of-control operations in Matlab, correctly applying WHILE and FOR statements; and
  • implement input/output data treatments in Matlab.

b. Criterion 3 Student Outcomes specifically addressed by this course are found in a mapping of outcomes against all CHME courses in the curriculum.

7. Brief list of topics to be covered

  • Career opportunities in Chemical Engineering
  • Units and conversions
  • process variables
  • data regression
  • numerical calculations

Common Syllabus Addendum

The NMSU Department of Chemical Engineering maintains a syllabus addendum containing course requirements common to all courses with the CH E prefix online.  This document is accessible from the URL: