Petition for Course Overload

“The full-time course load in a regular semester (fall or spring) for a main campus undergraduate students is 12-18 credits. A full-time course load for a summer term is 6 credits per session for a total of 12 credit hours. Some scholarships have a 15 credit course load eligibility requirement.  Each student is responsible for meeting their own scholarship eligibility requirements.”

“An overload is classified as more than 18 credits for a regular semester and more than 12 credits for the summer term. A one-credit course in physical education will not create an overload. Registration for a course overload requires written permission from the Associate Dean for Academics in the student’s college. A “Petition for Course Overload” form is available from the Registrar’s office or website.  Freshmen and students with a grade of D or F, or a cumulative grade-point average of less than 2.5, in either of the last two semesters, are not eligible for overloads. Concurrent enrollment in non-NMSU courses at other post-secondary institutions requires prior approval from the Associate Dean for Academics in the student’s college, and these courses are counted as part of a student’s class load.”

NMSU Undergraduate Catalog