ornelas co-opInternships are typically secured at either the Fall Career Expo or Spring Career Connections events, though students are encouraged to send their resumes to any of the companies listed on this website or in response to a posted advertisement to fill a position.  CHME will post any information receive concerning employment and/or internships on this site.

CHME 391 – Industrial Employment 

CHME 391 is a Chemical Engineering Elective that can be taken as a 1- or 2-credit hour class while you are away from campus on a co-op or internship work assignment.

During the semester which you are interning with an engineering employer, you may enroll (subject to department head approval) in a total of 3 credit hours (over two work sessions) of CHME 391 to fulfill one of the Chemical Engineering elective requirements of the BSCHE.

If you enroll in this course, your requirement for grade at the conclusion of the semester will be to prepare a written summary of your internship experience, detailing your assignments and outcomes during the period of employment, and to complete an exit interview with the department head (telephone interview can be arranged if you cannot not return to campus before final grades are due).

See the syllabus for this course on the CHME website.

Student Responsibilities when leaving for a Co-op/Internship:

Internship Survey

In May 2014, a company just north of Austin, Texas wishing to hire a CHME student for an internship asked the CHME department head what a competitive hourly wage for a CHME intern/co-op would be. He did not know and decided that should be corrected (with the help of NMSU CHME interns and co-ops).

surveyCHME created a survey to collect data about CHME internship pay rates.  Survey averages will be posted here so CHME students know how the pay rate they’ve been offered measures up with others.

Your name is requested in the surgery in the event the CHME Department Head wishes to follow-up on some of your input, but your data will not be associated with your name in any public forum.

Your honest input is an essential part of the continuous improvement program of the Department of Chemical & Materials Engineering.

Internship/Co-op Survey Results
max rate ($/hr)304142.6040.00
avg rate ($/hr)22.4828.6023.4427.15
min rate ($/hr)101812.5010.00
CompaniesSandia National Laboratories
Los Alamos National Lab
New Mexico Department of Agriculture Petroleum lab
HollyFrontier Navajo Refinery
Western Refining
RTI Surgical
Booz Allen Hamilton
ExxonMobil (2)
Intel Corporation
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company (2)
Archer Daniels Midland
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Freeport-McMoRan Inc.
Intel Corporation
Cummins, Inc.
Jacob's Technology
Freeport McMoRan
Southwest Cheese
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Dow Chemical Company
Dow Chemical
Southwest Cheese
Department of Energy
ExxonMobil (3)
Ethicon Endo-Surgery
Yates Petroleum Corporation
ChevronPhillips Chemical Company
Sapphire Energy
Mount Franklin Foods

Roughly half of students reported indicated they received paid or greatly reduced living expenses as well as travel/relocation reimbursement.

CHME 391 Reports