CHME Scholarships

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There are a number of named scholarships funded by CHME alumni and friends.

The Department of Chemical & Materials Engineering will provide a $500 Scholarship to incoming freshmen who complete (1) at least 7 credit hours of dual-level or Advanced Placement in Area I (ENGL 111, COMM 265, and/or ENGL 218), and (2) CHME 102 during their senior year in high school with at least a grade of B, and (3) qualify to take CHME 201 (prerequisites of CHME 102, MATH 192, and CHEM 115) in their first semester at NMSU.  The MATH 192 prerequisite to CHME 201 can be taken dual level or AP while in high school, or during the summer after high school graduation before beginning CHME 201 in the fall term.

Those awarded through Scholar Dollar$ include:

  • Steven G. Eason Leadership Scholarship
    • Demonstrated leadership through any organization or community service.
    • Finalists invited to submit 250 word essay on their leadership skills.
  • Dr. Edward Groth, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
    • The Edward Groth, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Endowment was established in 1984 to support students who are enrolled in the Chemical Engineering Department. This income is to be used as an incentive for the students in Chemical Engineering to follow through on their plan to raise money through a telephone campaign, and the Groth family will match dollar for dollar each contribution raised by the students up to one thousand dollars.
    • Award shall be limited to students who have achieved upper class status, defined as Junior or Senior. The recipient shall be an active member of the Student Chapter of the American Institute of chemical Engineers.
  • William and Virginia Holcomb Endowment in Chemical Engineering
    • Two undergraduate recipients each year.  At least one of these students must have a declared minor in Nuclear Energy.
    • If no student minoring in Nuclear Energy is available, the funds will be used to support a general Chemical Engineering major.
  • Karol Lynn Holmes Memorial Scholarship
    • The Karol Lynn Homes Endowed Memorial Scholarship was established in 1997 to make an annual scholarship award to a student in pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering within the College of Engineering.
  • Jeffrey and Paula Nichols Endowed Scholarship for Chemical Engineering Students
    • The Jeffrey and Paula Nichols Endowed Scholarship for Chemical Engineering Students was established in 2005 to make an annual award to freshmen students in the Department of Chemical Engineering for the purchase of university textbooks and supplies. The award recipients must be residents of New Mexico.
  • Gary and Lorena Poling Scholarship
    • details to be posted soon
  • Michael Schneder Memorial Scholarship
    • The Michael Schnedar Memorial Scholarship was established in 1986. The income from this fund is to be
      The 1964-1965 Chemical Engineering student body and faculty.

      The 1964-1965 Chemical Engineering student body and faculty (Dr. Wilson is in the last row, far right).

      used to make an award to an active member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineering (AICHE) or Omega Chi Epsilon Honorary.

  • Jerry & Sandra Strange Endowed Scholarship
    • The Jerry and Sandra Strange Endowed Scholarship was established in 2006 by Jerry and Sandra Strange. The income from this fund is to be used to make an awards to an undergraduate student majoring in chemical engineering.
  • Dr, Bruce Wilson Memorial Research Scholarhsip
    • Awarded each year to an outstanding graduate student in CHME.
  • Chemical Engineering Department Scholarships (multiple each year)

Some scholarships for CHME students are available by applying directly to the organization, including:

  • Permian Basin Gas Processors Association Chemical Engineering Scholarship

number of scholarships awarded from the CHME fund (primarily composed of alumni gifts)


Here are a list of other scholarships awarded through Financial Aid and Scholarship Services.

The Honors College has tabulated numerous national scholarships and provides support in application for these prestigious awards.