Request for Reference

Seek verbal approval from the faculty member before completing this form.

When asking for a recommendation letter, recognize that the author of such a letter typically answers the following questions, roughly in this order:

  • What is the purpose of this letter?
  • In what capacity and for how long have you known the individual?
  • How strong are the individual’s communication skills?
  • What is your perception of this individual’s academic potential or observed performance?  
  • How did the individual perform in courses you taught?
  • Does this person demonstrate a strong work ethic?  Have they maintained employment?
  • In what capacity and to what extent does this individual perform service to the community, discipline, department, university?  Is the individual “active” and/or an “officer” in AICHE, E-Council, ASNMSU, NSPE, OXE, SWE, SHPE?
  • What is the potential for this individual to perform research and/or teach?
  • Overall recommendation based on depth and extent of knowledge you have about the individual.


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