Safety Service now a component of monthly CHME Safety Meeting

Safety Service

 …make-up for missed CHME Safety Meetings

All accidents are preventable.  Regular meetings and training are as important to achieving this outcome as the PPE you wear.  

I will take the blame for the low meeting attendance last Thursday.  I had been sending out email reminders, but failed to do so last time.  Even so, we only had 15 attendees today representing a small percentage of our laboratory researchers identified on ESPs. We must honor these monthly meetings as an obligation, and make all efforts to attend. We must improve in this area. 

To that end, as a mechanism to encourage committing an hour of your month to a group conversation about safety, I have updated the Safety Meeting attendance policy to include a Safety Service component as a way to make-up for missed meetings.  The new CHME Safety Meeting policy requires that a missed 50 minute meeting be replaced with 90 minutes of Safety Service to CHME.  This service may include activities such as auditing of a particular area of the lab, performing field chemical inventory verification and updating, or performing other such activities as driven by departmental needs.  

Please read this policy and follow it. A list is being developed of all ESP-named researchers that will be used to determine who is out of compliance for purposes of removing lab access privileges.  

You will find a list of completed and in-progress Safety Service activity assignments on each subsequent Safety Meeting Events on the CHME calendar.  If you look at the next meeting on 04/12/18, you will see that I am the first to fulfill my service requirement (at Juanita Miller’s request) for missing today’s meeting. 

If you received this email by forward and wish to receive these announcements directly, modify your CHME listserv preferences to include “CHME Research.”

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