Resources for Brewery Engineering Education in New Mexico


Development of the Brewery Engineering program at NMSU will require identification and compilation of educational resources. Those resources include notes and course materials from formal classroom courses on brewing, professional and industry organizations, conferences and events, small and large businesses, and individuals willing to serve in advisory roles.

Completion Objectives:

• Digitize and organize course notes from continuing education course on brewing.
• Identify faculty and staff within NMSU system to provide advice and collaborations on brewing related projects.
• Compile list of brewing resources in New Mexico that could be used to support the Brewery Engineering program.

Faculty Advisor:


Required Competencies

Senior standing in CHME

Student Researcher:

Andrea Salazar

Work Products

[gview file=”https://dept-wp.nmsu.edu/chme-p/files/2017/11/Breweries.xlsx”] [gview file=”https://dept-wp.nmsu.edu/chme-p/files/2017/11/Brewing-Notes.docx”] [gview file=”https://dept-wp.nmsu.edu/chme-p/files/2017/11/CHME-498-Description-Salazar-F17.docx”]

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