Recovering Energy and Nutrients from Wastewater Treatment


Two methods of recovering energy from wastewater treatment being explored for the Las Cruces Wastewater Treatment facilities are anaerobic digestion with electricity production and algae growth with hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) to liquid fuels. Both options include ways to recover N and P nutrients in composted biosolids or HTL aqueous phase/char fractions. This project focuses on efforts to compare the two methods.

Completion Objectives:

  • Complete safety training required for wastewater/biosolids handling.
  • Assist with operation of 2L batch autoclave reactor for HTL of algae grown on wastewater.
  • Assist with characterization of products from wastewater-grown algae HTL.
  • Assist with preparation of manuscript evaluating HTL of algae grown on media and grown on municipal wastewater.

Faculty Advisor:


Required Competencies

CHME 306

Student Researcher:

Kailey Garland

Work Products:

Download (PDF, 9KB)

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