Produce Lithium-Ion Battery Coin Cells


Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) are composed of negative electrode (anode), electrolyte, and positive electrode (cathode). The energy storage in LIBs depends on the reversible electrochemical reactions/charge storage in the electrodes associated with electron and ion transport. The lithium ions diffuse between the electrodes through the electrolyte, while the electrons flow through the external circuit. For this project, we will prepare anode and cathode materials and fabricate them to the coin cells. The battery performance will be measured and evaluated.

Completion Objectives:

  • Conducting literature review about the lithium-ion battery working mechanism
  • Preparing materials, characterizing their structures and morphologies
  • Making coin cells for cycling and rate performance
  • Presentations in group meeting
  • Submission of written report

Faculty Advisor:

  • Luo

Required Competencies

  • Have passed the required NMSU safety training courses.

Student Researcher:

  • TBD

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