Laboratory Characterization of local craft brews and comparison of results based on style and other characteristics


A comparison of local craft brews based on Anton Paar methods of analysis.

Completion Objectives:

In this project, the researcher will (1) complete required safety training; (2) learn operation of the Anton Paar PBA-B Generation M Packaged Beverage Analyzer; (3) collect and analyze samples of beer obtained from local craft brewers (5-6 samples each from Spotted Dog, High Desert, Picacho Peaks, Bosque, Pecan Grill, Ice Box), paying attention to sample age, temperature, and method of containment/transport; (4) develop a table that clearly compares the beers by style and quantified characterizations; (5) prepare a report based on the table discussing methods and findings (conclusions if any), including a comparison of the analytical device methods to the American Society of Brewing Chemist (ASBC) standards; and (6) disseminate report upon approval to brewers contributing samples.

Faculty Advisor:


Required Competencies

Senior in CHME.

Student Researcher:

Edward Valenzuela

Work Products:

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