Experimental Demonstration of the Viability of Flow Boiling in a Variable Gravity Environment


Many space-/air-craft electronics require cooling and flow boiling is considered by the scientific community as a potential option for this application. However, the viability of flow boiling in variable gravity environments is not well established. In this project, undergraduate students will build a flow boiling loop and launch it in a variable gravity rocket. They will instrument the payload i.e., the experimental setup and post-process the data to assess the viability of flow boiling in highly varying gravity conditions. A key aim of this project is to improve retention in STEM by engaging freshmen early on in engineering and scientific research.

Completion Objectives:

  1. Build the flow boiling setup.
  2. Charge it with the coolant, test it for leakage and structural strength.
  3. Instrument the setup with sensors and test them.
  4. Run the experiment in lab.
  5. Launch it in a high-speed rocket.
  6. Recover the payload, post-process the data.
  7. Document the conclusions.
  8. Suggest improvements.

Faculty Advisor:

  • Krishna Kota (MAE)

Required Competencies

  • Lab skills and hands-on experience

Student Researcher:

  • Norann Calhoun

Work Products:

Download (DOCX, 14KB)

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