Development of an Extruded Product for Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Feed


The aquaculture industry has shown a remarkable growth since the 1980s (Sealey et al., 1999). Extrusion is an alternative processing method for obtaining extruded products with high protein content for human or animal consumption, allowing to use industrial by-products and a more stable feed than conventional aquafeed ingredients (Atienzo-Lazos et al., 2011; Delgado et al, 2012; Rodriguez-Miranda et al., 2012; Reyes-Jaquez et al., 2011; Rodriguez-Miranda et al., 2011). Extrusion technology can be used to process glandless cottonseed meal (GCSM) into trout feed. Extruded GCSM has the potential to be used as stable floating trout feed, lowering feed losses and increasing aquaculture yield.

Completion Objectives:

  • develop and evaluate a new extruded rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) feed utilizing high protein glandless cottonseed meal (as a fishmeal replacement).

Faculty Advisor:

  • Andersen

Required Competencies

  • CHME senior standing
  • interest and coursework background in Food Science

Student Researcher:

  • Alexandra Valdez

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