Developing Liquid Scintillation Counting Method for Quantification of NDMA at Ultra-Low Concentrations


As part of the ongoing project with NASA White Sands Test Facility on removal of N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) from groundwater, this project focuses on the development on a new analytical method to measure the NDMA at the part per trillion levels needed for this scenario. By using 14C-labeled NDMA in synthesized solutions, on-campus and timely measurement of solutions from activated carbon adsorption studies should be possible.

Completion Objectives:

  • Complete basic radiation training.
  • Participate in development of experimental safety protocol document and safety review process.
  • Prepare NDMA solutions for calibration; prepare/use liquid scintillation cocktail.
  • Operate liquid scintillation counter instrumentation.
  • Interpret NDMA calibration data and evaluate liquid scintillation counting method.

Faculty Advisor:

  • Brewer

Required Competencies

  • CHME 301
  • CHEM 315

Student Researcher:

  • Sicilee Macklin

Work Products

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