Graduate Studies Interest Form

The following NMSU CHME seniors have expressed interest in graduate studies in Chemical & Materials Engineering:

NMSU Senior CHMEs interested in Graduate Studies
Name (First)Name (Last)EmailResearch Interests
CodyCockrehamcodycockreham@comcast.netEnergy, polymers, materials, sustainability, biodegradable materials, alternative energy, gas capture technology, hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen systems
ShannonCreeganscreegan@nmsu.eduEnergetic materials
DiegoGomezdtg67@nmsu.eduModeling and Simulation
ArlenneTorresator343@nmsu.eduRenewable energy
DanielWhitedanielwh@nmsu.eduquantum chemistry, materials structure, first principles methods, kinetics, catalysis

NMSU CHME students who will graduate in May and would like to receive information from graduate schools for studies.
  • If you have a specific area of research interest, provide keywords (e.g., energy, environment, water, biomedical, advanced materials, nanotechnology, etc.).
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