CHME enrollment rebounds in 2017

The return to Jett Hall has generated excitement in and about Chemical & Materials Engineering, particularly with regards to enrollment.  A record 204 undergraduates are registered as CHME majors on the fall 2017 census date (9/1/17), 47% of which are women.  This includes a large freshman class of 67 students.

Retention among the cohort of students representing the 2017 graduating class was at a low of 55%, with only 28 of the 49 students who took CHME 201 in 2014 graduating in 2017.  However, the class of 2018 currently has 100% retention into the senior year of the cohort starting in CHME 201 in 2015.

Graduate student enrollment rebounded after two years of depletion caused by a lack of resources brought about by limited research lab space during the Jett Hall renovation. Despite the return to Jett Hall in May, CHME research has not returned as the new research space for CHME in Jett Hall remains unavailable while the program operates on a temporary certificate of occupancy under which the majority of the research space remains unavailable.  With two new faculty gearing up research programs, and the research space expected to be available this fall, graduate enrollment in CHME is expected to return to and exceed record enrollment established in 2014 within a couple of years.

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