Improvements to Lab-Scale Mutliple Effect Distillation Unit


A previous research project enabled the fabrication and testing of a lab-scale multiple effect distillation (MED) unit. The unit is intended to study scaling and heat transfer as functions of temperature and pressure during desalination of brackish ground water. Early testing of the unit indicated needs for greater heat energy supply, better leak prevention, and protection against corrosion.

Completion Objectives:

  • Disassembly and reassembly of MED unit pieces throughout modification processes.
  • Installation of electric water heater, heat exchanger, and plumbing for additional heat energy supply to the unit.
  • Completion of MED unit shakedown trials after modifications.

Faculty Advisor:


Required Competencies

CHME 306, lab safety training

Student Researcher:

  • Jose Pena
  • Mike Smith
  • Sterling Ellis

Progress Report:

[gview file=”https://dept-wp.nmsu.edu/chme-p/files/2016/01/CHME-498-Final-Report-Smith-S16.docx”]

Work Products:

[gview file=”https://dept-wp.nmsu.edu/chme-p/files/2016/01/CHME-498-Final-Report-Ellis-F16.docx”] [gview file=”https://dept-wp.nmsu.edu/chme-p/files/2016/01/CHME-498-Final-Report-Smith-F16.docx”] [gview file=”https://dept-wp.nmsu.edu/chme-p/files/2016/01/CHME-498-Final-Report-Pena-S16.docx”]

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