Analysis of NMSU Capabilities relative to ASBC methods of analysis – beer category


Researcher will identify existing capabilities and define needs where capabilities are missing to permit NMSBrew to perform each of the methods of analysis in the American Society of Brewing Chemists beer category.

Completion Objectives:

For each of the current ASBC methods found in the “beer” category…
Identify if resources to perform this method exist at NMSU. If so, where an what is the process and cost for use.
Where resources are not available, develop a list of needs that includes cost and vendors.
Prepare a report containing a section/chapter for each of the methods.

Faculty Advisor:


Required Competencies

Strong research and communication skills.
Willingness to dig into university resources to identify location and person responsible for existing resources.
Willingness to contact/research vendors to obtain estimates and quotes (for items over $5000).

Student Researcher:

Zoe Elliott

Work Products:

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