Excerpt from the 2012-2013 EAC Final Statement and Actions for NMSU concerning the CHME program…

Program Strengths

  1. The alumni are very supportive of the program and devote considerable time and effort, especially through the Alumni Academy, to advise the department on continuous improvement.
  2. The students are actively engaged not just in their own individual education but also in the education of their peers. This environment goes beyond camaraderie and includes cooperative learning, peer-assessment, and self-assessment.
  3. The faculty members are very committed to the success of their students, and the students understand and appreciate it.

The Program Evaluator’s evaluation in Strength #2 is best demonstrated by a video created by members of the 2011 graduating class.

NMSU CHME assessment practices are available in the NMSU CH E Program Self-Study Report – 2012.