Academic Misconduct

The CHME Department expects all constituency to abide by the AICHE and NSPE Codes of Ethics.

The CHME Department follows a ZERO tolerance policy regarding academic misconduct.  Every such incident will be reported to the Associate Dean of Academics in the College of Engineering with a request for the maximum allowable penalty for unethical actions.

7130_hacer-trampasAny student who is found guilty of academic misconduct as cited in the NMSU Student Handbook will be assigned of a grade of “F” for the course.  The Student Code of Conduct defines academic misconduct, non-academic misconduct and the consequences or penalties for each. 

CHME students accept and agree to fulfill their responsibility to report (in writing) to the supervising professor with copy to the department head should they observe any solicitation for assistance or action that can be regarded as cheating within 24 hours of the completion of an assessment activity.

Where they may differ, the Regulations & Policies Section of the current NMSU Academic Catalog takes precedence over the Student Handbook.