Academic Advising Holds to be placed by October 19, 2018 in preparation for Spring 2019 registration

The following groups of students will be required to meet with a Center for Academic Advising and Student Support (CAASS) academic advisor prior to enrolling in Spring 2019 courses.  This applies only to first-degree seeking students. Second-degree seeking and non-degree seeking students will not have advising holds from CAASS.

By Student Type

  • New students who started in Summer or Fall 2018– STYP’s (student type in banner)
    • E or F – new freshmen
    • O or W – new transfers
    • 1, 2, 3, or 4 – students who switched campuses from one of the NMSU CC’s
  • Students who were new E or F in Spring 2018(new freshmen in their second semester)

By Classification

  • Any student with the classification FR

By Major

  • All degree seeking UNCL/EXPL– undecided students (can be undecided in a specific area)
  • “Pre” majors– GCMI, Pre-Nurs, Pre-SW, Pre-PH, PBS (ENGR), Ed but not yet TEP
  • BIS/BAS majors


  • GPA less than 3.2– C D
  • GPA less than 3.0– HNDS
  • GPA less than 2.75– KIN, SP M, Teacher Education majors
  • GPA less than 2.5– any major <105 credits
  • GPA less than 2.0– any major

By Specific Course Grade

  • Engineering studentswho are enrolled in a second or third attempt of a Math, Engineering, or Science course

By Student Attribute

  • Student Athletes

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